"See the stars of tomorrow, today." This vision ideated by a ambitious photographer is threaded into every photograph captured, every individual discovered for their promise in pursuit of multicultural talent representation within the creative and cinematic arts.

Created to support photographers catering to the needs of the performing artist, Hollywood Photograph is being re-invented as an Internet presence for emerging and established talent. Although the primary focus continues to be on actors, models and musicians, a photo that speaks the proverbial 1,000 words is every bit as vital for professionals promoting their services. The importance of networking can’t be over emphasized and we’ve broadened our scope to include the amazing diversity of artistic talent found in Hollywood. When you check our photos, you can be confident these are people who are highly accomplished in their respective fields and can be counted on for exceptional skill and value.

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Restless to venture into the world and capture a moment through the motivating vantage point of his lens, Steve heeded success as a US Marine Corps combat photographer in Vietnam for two tours (1968–1970), proceeded by his remarkable triumph as a Hollywood motion picture studios photographer for over hundreds of celebrities.

Captivatingly, Steve assimilated two parallel, yet perpendicular stances throughout his time in Vietnam and Hollywood which shaped his ideation for Hollywood Photograph.

Steve's photo showroom visualizing the Vietnam War is not the characteristic blood and guts account continually leagued with that war but alternatively, a glance at the humanistic angle that has so often been overlooked. Steve recites, "Our notation of war grew in proportion as a social-political, international conflict since WWII, we tend to disregard the rudimentary philosophy of war lies in the very individual enlisted to fight their sovereignty of the state. These are human beings, battling for the future of our country's certitude whilst simultaneously opposing sensations of their serendipity. Their lives weren't demarcated to Vietnam: rather, they depicted the war and cruised with their lives when not fighting. I immediately discovered this humanistic attitude of Vietnam when deployed and strived to extrapolate on the stories, perspectives, and dimensions of emotions associated with the human completing a statistical numeral in the war, which I effectively managed as the photographer."

Breaking into Hollywood proved a distinct perspective on ascending talent working alongside proven theatrical and cinematic dexterity, expressing, "My introductory hypothesis was comprehending the technical profundity of Hollywood. You have a rising generation well-versed in the computational and electronic toolkit, yet soft skills lying underneath strategic communication, and networking cannot be anymore stressed in an atmosphere as structurally intricate as Hollywood. Entangled with my humanitarianism orientation back in Vietnam, I was motivated to link rising talent and simultaneously represent our multi-cultural talent, each contributing gratuities to the industry with their captured promise."